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Our Mentorship Program would not be possible without the help of amazing mentors.

If you or someone you know loves to inspire and help people then this is the perfect opportunity!

AcceleratePlus is launching a 8-week mentorship program that pairs undergraduate mentees with mentors with similar professional and personal interests. We are looking for mentors from different industries like health and medicine, finance and accounting, engineering and tech, and so much more!

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Here are some of the benefits that come with being a mentor:

  1. Leadership and mentorship experience

  2. Flexible hours to meet with your mentee once a week

  3. A platform to talk about your experiences that someone can learn from

  4. A platform to promote your own personal brand

  5. Access to all career development webinars, resource database with 250+ programs, 150+ recruiters, 40+ online resources and more!

  6. Access to future mentorship program when we collaborate with senior industry leaders

  7. Opportunity to inspire future leaders

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