Top Time Management Tips for Students

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We know that as a student, you have a lot on your plate and it can get challenging at times to get everything done.

This is why we will be sharing with you some helpful time management skills to help you as you finish off the rest of this semester/quarter.

Minimize Distractions

  • It is easy to get distracted especially while being at home so start paying attention to what is taking your attention. Is it social media? Is it texting? Is it mindlessly going down the rabbit hole on YouTube? Whatever is your distraction, make sure to set a goal to not use it during your study time. For example, if it’s spending too much time on social media then download one of the many apps that block social media and other distractions to help you stay focused. 

Plan Ahead by Creating a To-Do List

  • Make sure to write down all your tasks and then prioritize them by their due dates and how much time you need to complete it. This will help you not feel so overwhelmed as you try to finish your assignments throughout the day because you already took the time to prioritize your tasks. It’s recommended to start with smaller tasks first but do what works for you.

Establish a Routine

  • Try to establish a set routine. It will help you to get in the habit of always working on that specific task during the same day or time! 

Use Breaks Wisely

  • A highly recommended method of working is the Pomodoro Technique. This is the method where you work in short intervals (25 minutes) and then take short, regular timed breaks (5 minutes) and do it again and again until you finish. Every fourth break (aka Pomodoro) is when you can take a longer break for like 10-15 minutes.

Take Time Off

  • I know you might want to just have long study sessions but those are super unproductive. Your body and mind need rest! We recommend that you take some time to get away from the screen and your assignments to do some relaxation even if it’s for as little as 15 minutes. 

We believe in you and know that you can do this. Hang in there!

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