Top 3 Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Are you following these tips ?

It’s understood that students during the pandemic have started struggling greatly with their education and trying to manage their time. Of course, its tough. Some students may even prefer online learning as compared to face to face classes but that does not mean you need to get left behind in this era of blended learning.

This is why we are sharing some helpful tips that can help you work efficiently while not tiring yourself out.

Multitasking is not always efficient

Yes. This does mean you shouldn’t be in the kitchen cooking a meal while a lecture is going on. Instead of going full on chef mode in the kitchen, consider having a few snacks nearby so you don’t miss out on what is being taught while the class is ongoing.

Try to avoid going on your socials as this distracts you and in turn requires you to need a much longer learning time later on. If students are able to concentrate even 50% during their class, they will be able to retain information at a much higher rate as compared to not concentrating at all.

Overcoming Procrastination Step-by-Step

It’s hard to manage so many tasks at once and can become a massive burden which may make you procrastinate all your tasks. It’s been recommended to break down these big boulder-like tasks into small accomplishments or milestones, and then further into smaller chunks of milestones. Now as you carry onto finish these small chunks, it gives you the momentum needed to carry on.

For example, try starting with just one question on your given homework, in that one question, do the first step, the second step and so on. See, you’re doing it. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, you can do it too!

Change Your Settings

Some people may go to the library for a change in scenery, but as online learning continues in some places, studying, eating and sleeping the same place can become very bland and monotonous for your daily life. Therefore, we recommend changing your setting in your house/dorm room. Maybe for every new subject, you can sit at a different point, this can help in retaining the information you are learning as well as help you stretch your limbs as you get up to change positions.

You’re doing great and you’ll get through this! Keep at it.

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