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One of the most missed opportunities for students and professionals is utilizing LinkedIn to create your personal brand. 

Just by sharing the knowledge and values you have through LinkedIn, you are already showcasing your skills and standing out from others. 

We know that LinkedIn can be intimidating for lots of students just like you but we want to make you more comfortable with using it to help build your personal brand.

Here are some quick tips on how to build your personal brand with LinkedIn. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Your profile is key so make sure that your profile is complete and updated because it shows you are active on LinkedIn. Make sure you have a friendly photo and a distinctive LinkedIn profile headline that demonstrates your talents. Customizing your LinkedIn URL also helps your page to be ranked higher in Google searches.

Make Meaningful Connections and Be Authentic

  • Connect with trusted friends, colleagues, classmates, industry leaders, and any other professionals who you admire. Be authentic and learn about these individuals but also keep it professional.

Post Content on LinkedIn

  • Post content about projects you’re working on, books you’re reading, events you’ve attended, personal stories, and anything else you may have learned and do it consistently. Consistently does not mean every day but it’s a good practice to try posting at least 1-3 times a week when you are first starting out. Remember your brand is not just who you are but it’s also what you do.

Interact with Others

  • Not only is it important to be creating your own content, but you should also be engaging with others’ posts. This means liking and commenting to add value to any of these different posts. 

Follow Thought Leaders/LinkedIn Influencers

  • You want to differentiate yourself by knowing more about the industry you’re interested in so find influencers in your industry to follow. Most of these influencers are posting content, books, blogs, and podcasts so make an effort to read some of their stuff.

Give Back

  • Lastly, make sure you are giving back to others as well. This can be by giving advice, providing endorsements, giving recommendations, or congratulating others on their success. 

Our Mentorship Program applications are now closed and the AcceleratePlus team wants to thank you all for your applications and your support!

Career Opportunities


Prime Publishing LLC Summer 2021 Editorial Intern

Women’s Republic Summer 2021 Content Contributor Intern (Remote)

Tesla Fall 2021 Digital Content Intern

Graphic Design

Hola Cultura Summer 2021 Graphic Design/Public Relations Intern

The Field Museum Summer 2021 Graphics and Illustration (Calumet Heritage Project) Intern

Tesla Fall 2021 Visual and Graphic Design Intern

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